My Medical Emergency

I'd like to start by saying, for those of you just hearing about this incident now: I'm ok! This took place on Wednesday 15 August and I'm recovering!


Bungy Jumping in Cairns

Believe it or not, bungy jumping was never on my bucket list. I'd seen it in film and heard the odd horror story, so the thought of being tied by my feet, jumping headfirst towards the ground, hoping the rope doesn't snap on the way down... nahh, safe to say that never really appealed to... Continue Reading →

6 Months In Australia

It's official, we have less than 6 months left on our Working Holiday Visas in Australia! Once again, I'm baffled at how quickly the time has gone by. I can still vividly recall the 40 hours of travel it took to get here and landing in Sydney... back in December 2017. In 6 months, we... Continue Reading →

Roommate Diaries – Episode Three

Welcome back to the Roommate Diaries. If you missed the last episode, make sure to check it out here! This is the third part in a series of blog posts, describing some of the unusual characters we've met during our travels in the land down under. We've made this completely anonymous and haven’t included anyone’s real name... Continue Reading →

Easter Weekend

It seems like I was only just writing about Valentine's Day and our epic skydive... the Easter long weekend has come out of nowhere! Had my lovely friends on Twitter not reminded me, I probably would have forgotten! This week, we've been settling into a new routine, consisting of breakfast shifts at the hostel, our... Continue Reading →

My Shared Bookshelf – March 2018

It's been difficult to come across new books this month, as Matt and I have been in the same hostel for nearly 6 weeks. Most of the people staying at this hostel, live here long-term (like us) and aren't big on reading. Our small, pitiful bookshelf consists mostly of books in another language, so it's been... Continue Reading →

Roommate Diaries – Episode Two

Welcome back to the Roommate Diaries! If this is your first visit, make sure to check out Episode One for an introduction to this series and three interesting roommates. This is the second part in a series of blog posts, describing some of the unusual characters we've met during our travels in the land down... Continue Reading →

We’re Celebrating!

Woooohoooo! After nearly a month in Cairns, everything seemed to fall into place this week. I can't even begin to describe how frustrating it was to sit around and wait for the right opportunity or moment to happen. Backpacking the east coast of Australia was such a high for us, but now that we've come... Continue Reading →

Roommate Diaries – Episode One

Welcome to The Roommate Diaries! This new series of blog posts will describe some of the (not so normal) roommates and other hostel guests we've encountered during our travels. We have made this completely anonymous and haven't included anyone's real name or the specific location we met them, instead, choosing a nickname that may help... Continue Reading →

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