I am very embarrassed to write this, but I forgot I had a travel blog.

You see, Matt and I have been in Canada since June 2019, and although we still have so much to share from our Eurotrip, and even from our time in Australia, we’ve been very stressed and preoccupied since arriving in Toronto last summer.

What was only meant to be a short trip to catch up with family for a few months, quickly turned into Matt and I housesitting for my parents over winter, which would have lasted until April 2020. Matt, being a UK citizen, isn’t allowed to stay in Canada for more than 6 months at a time, so he took a trip home in October to visit family and friends, thinking he would return and be allowed to stay over winter as a tourist.


Long story short, what was meant to be a happy reunion after a month apart, ended up with Matt being questioned by border control, and me crying in the arrivals lounge thinking they were going to send him back to England. After nearly an hour, Matt finally came out of arrivals, only to tell me he would have to leave on 3 February 2020. To make it worse, my parents were out of the country at the time, so we were tackling this new information alone, and I had to stop crying to drive us back home safely. Woah.

What could we do?

The only problem in our relationship is that we come from two different countries. You would think, having been together for 6 years, we would have one country to live in as accepted partners, treated as equals. But no. It’s not that easy for two free-spirited travellers like us.

After a lot more crying on my part, we determined we had two choices: Matt would go back to England in February OR we apply for Matt to be a permanent resident of Canada.

You can guess which one we went for.

Thankfully, I’m a brilliant record keeper and have a digital file of almost everything we’ve ever done together, saved online, so apart from putting together the actual application, we had just about everything we needed. Once we opened up to our family about what had happened, everyone was so supportive. The letters our family and friends wrote on our behalf made me cry.

We submitted Matt’s application for permanent residence in Canada on 18 December 2019, literally one day before his parents and brother arrived to spend the holidays with us. It was stressful leading up to the drop off of our entire life story and our possible future, at the smallest UPS store, but we gave it our best shot and are anxiously awaiting any news from IRCC. Good news though: we’re way past 3 February 2020 and Matt is still here, so it’s ok.

What does that mean going forward?

Well, we’re in Canada and that’s where we have to stay until we receive a decision on his application. He can’t work, he can’t apply for healthcare and he can’t go home to England to see his family either. Leaving Canada would jeopardise his entire application, and maybe even cancel it? Kinda sucks, because we’d love to see his family and our friends in Bournemouth.

In the meantime, considering the current events of the world, we are together, happy and healthy. I can’t complain.

Please cross you fingers for us. The sooner this application is granted, we can finally have a home together!

It will take some time, but I’m determined to get this blog up and running again, and even write a guide on the experiences we had applying for his permanent residence application.

Stay tuned!


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