Pub Golf Down Under

It’s hard to believe we left Cairns seven months ago, to start a road trip into the Australian outback that epically failed. We met some really amazing people after having lived there for 10 months, and it was hard to leave, but they threw us a going out party like nothing we’d ever seen before…

Pub Golf Down Under took place in 9 bars across Cairns, with an hour in each bar to complete your drinks challenge. We dressed up, used golf lingo and took this game very seriously.

Cheers to Salt House, Pier Bar, Bavarian Beerhouse, PJ O’Briens, Gilligans, The Jack, Mad Monkey Backpackers, Mad Monkey Village and Calypso for letting us run havoc in your bars, and laughing along with us.

Although this video might not make too much sense, we made it for our friends in Australia and wanted to share these funny moments with everyone else.


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