We Spent HOW MUCH On Our EuroTrip?!?

It’s taken us a while to sit down and really work out how much we spent in total on our EuroTrip. To be honest, we’ve been scared to find out, as we definitely spent more than we’d originally planned. We’ve scoured through our bank statements, and calculated the expenditure grand total for our EuroTrip.

This is broken down into transportation, accommodation, food & drink, and excursions. We also worked it out in GBP (£), our local currency.

Before reading any further, make a guess at what you think we spent per person. Make sure to comment afterwards and let us know how close you were!


We travelled using a fair mix of Planes, Trains and Automobiles. As you may already know, we managed to get all of our transport to each country for under £500, but that wasn’t including what we spent getting around each city.

£486.35 was pre-booked transport between each city, and then another £68.31 for internal transport such as Uber/Taxis and Metro. Read more on how we got it so cheap here.

Total On Transportation: £554.66 each


We primarily stayed in Airbnb’s, which, yes, is more expensive than staying in hostel dorm rooms, but after living in a hostel for nearly 10 months, it’s nice to have your own space. When we couldn’t find a decent Airbnb to fit our budget, we would stay in hostel dorms.

We did not, at any time, stay in a hotel.

Also, while visiting with friends in Paris and Haarlem, we stayed at their home, which accounts for only 6/71 days.

Total On Accommodation: £929.80 each

Food & Drink

We definitely overspent in this department, but we’re foodies, and couldn’t resist eating everything we saw! One of the best parts of travelling (for us) is trying the local cuisine. It actually works out as just over £13/day per person, which isn’t bad for 3 meals and drinks.

Matt’s also a big beer drinker, and was keen to clock as many new beers as possible into his Untappd app.

Total On Food & Drink: £941.17 each


Most of the walking tours, galleries and museums we visited were free. We managed to luck out in places like Rome, where a lot of the national monuments and museums were free, which meant there was no cost to visit the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Pantheon etc.

Of course, there were things we really wanted to see and didn’t mind paying out for, like Vatican City, Vasa Museum and Auschwitz (to name a few).

This, surprisingly, is a lot lower than we thought.

Total On Excursions: £175.37 each

Our Grand Total

Well, that’s everything. All together, it gives us a scary grand total of…


PER PERSON, I must add.

Let’s be honest, it could’ve been wayyyy worse. I know people that have spent this on a week-long all-inclusive holiday, while others have spent this on a single flight. Not bad, considering it covers everything for a 10 week period.

The daily average works out at around £36.63, all in, which is fairly reasonable, in our opinion.

I’d like to think we are almost always very thrifty and cheap travellers; but on this trip, we weren’t afraid to eat out, explore and treat ourselves (every now and again).

Do we have any regrets?

Absolutely not.

2 thoughts on “We Spent HOW MUCH On Our EuroTrip?!?

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  1. So so reasonable. Only £14 per day for accommodations? I saw pictures of some of the places you stayed at…and they were beautiful.
    Well done!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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