Outdoorily: Top 5 Places To Visit In Lithuania

We are very excited to share our first guest post! Mark from Outdoorily contacted us with an amazing article on Lithuania, and it sure makes us want to head back there and explore some more.

Have you been to Lithuania, or any of the places Mark has recommended? Dreaming of going now? Let us know in the comments below, and make sure to check out Mark’s website Outdoorily for more travel advice, backpacking tips and outdoor gear reviews!

Lithuania is a country that is a mix of old town architecture, cobbled streets and its modern restaurants and clubs. Ever since its independence from the Soviet Union, the progressions are remarkable, though some cities in the country still stand as a representation of its culture.

Though Lithuania is untouched by tourists, let us take a look at some of the must visit tourist attractions in it, lest the beauty of the place goes unnoticed.

Vilnius Old Town

Vilnius Old Town

Vilnius Old Town is known for its historical buildings, castles and churches. Being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a visit to the capital town of Lithuania is sure to give you a taste of medieval old towns of Europe.

Some of the popular attractions in the city include Gediminas’ Castle that’s situated atop a hill, and a few minutes of walk up to the top of the castle gives you stunning views of the Old Town of Vilnius. The Pilies Street is famous for cafes and shopping, mainly amber jewelry and linen. For food, Vokieciu Street is another popular option where the outdoor bars and cafes are the highlights. Vilnius Cathedral is an important one for catholica, and the Cathedral Square buzzes with events and festivals that happen all around the year.

If you are interested in camping, checkout the Campsite Lavender Village near Vilnius, which is a peaceful retreat from the busy lives we lead. If you are looking at buying sleeping bags, check out this list of sleeping bags we have found to be the best for camping till now.


Kaunas(Photo Credits Sergey Aleshchenko from Flickr)

Kaunas is the second largest city in Lithuania, and can be reached easily from the Vilnius Old Town by trains. Kaunus treats you with beautifully architecture, pretty streets, museums and other historical sites. The Old Town of Kaunas boasts of some excellent architecture in its buildings, architecture that was inspired from the Germans. It was once a popular place for trading.

The Town Hall Square in Kaunas ( as in the image above ) is quite a busy one, mostly popular for weddings that happen in the City Hall. For shopping and food, Laisves Aleja is a popular street where you can find some of the best cafes and restaurants of Lithuania.



Klaipeda is the third largest city in Lithuania and the only one that has a port. The city is famous for some excellent restaurants such as Momo Grill and Stora Antis among many others. The Sculpture Park and the park along the Dane River are some of the most visited tourist spots in Klaipeda.

Curonian Spit

Curonian Spit

Curonian Spit is one of the most stunning places in Lithuania, which is a long stretch of land that separates the Curonian Lagoon and the Baltic Sea. You could enjoy long peaceful walks on the  sandy beaches of the Baltic sea. The history of Curonian Spit dates back to a Lithuanian mythological figure named Neringa, a witch girl who is said to have created it. Make sure to visit this place if you are a beach lover.



Trakai, situated close to Vilnius, is popular for its red brick castle that is situated on an island in a lake. A short train ride from Vilnius brings you here, where you can enjoy the beautiful architecture of the castles and the view surrounding the island.

So, that is it guys! I hope you have a great time in Lithuania the next time you visit. Have you visited any of these places in Lithuania? Let me know of your experiences in the comments, I would love to hear them!

Author’s BIO: Mark Bennett is an American writer and traveller, whose major inspiration has been camping with his father ever since his childhood. He aims to visit 75 countries before he’s 30. You can also follow his adventures on his site – Outdoorily.

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