Plovdiv: Photo Diary

A few of our favourite photos from our time in Plovid, to meet fellow digital nomads, Dianna and Tomas — an unexpected addition stop our Eurotrip while in Bulgaria!

Finally met Dianna and Tomas, online blogging-pals of ours since 2017
Plovdiv’s own ‘Central Perk’ cafe: Hot Rachel and Phoebe’s Chocolate
A selection of art from the Berlin Wall on display in Plovdiv
Plovdiv: The European Capital of Culture 2019
Stray cats in the local park
Ancient ruins throughout the city: Roman Theatre
The most lovely people, so glad we got to spend the day with them
Bulgarian hot plate

6 thoughts on “Plovdiv: Photo Diary

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  1. Nice to finally put a face to all the texts, right? Modern day pen pals. 😀. Great picture of you all!!!
    Friends and food… nothing better. (Ok,maybe family 😘🙃💕).

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    1. They really were delicious! I found the whole place really cool, especially as I’ve only just started watching Friends. Yes, we were thrilled to meet Dianna and Tomas. The blogging community is so kind and welcoming, we hope to meet you and others friends along the way!

      Liked by 1 person

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