Sofia: Photo Diary

A few of our favourite photos from our time in Sofia — the third stop on our Eurotrip!

Martenitsa — a spring tradition in Bulgaria
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
Ceiling of Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
Sofia walking tour
Original Bulgarian Lion
Drinks at the secret Speak Easy with our Canadian friend Kaylyn

6 thoughts on “Sofia: Photo Diary

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  1. So much history…they don’t make anything like that anymore! Our buildings fall apart after 100years. 😕
    Loved the burger…could feed a family of 10. Is that cheese?? LOL

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    1. Exactly! Very interesting that all that history was built over, and is still intact underneath the city (for the most part).
      And yes, melted cheese poured over the top (called “Cheddar Together”). They recommended gloves but I went straight in with my hands.


    1. Skaptoburger is the name of the restaurant, really good burgers and chips. Matt’s was covered in melted cheese and it was recommended he eat it with gloves. It ended up all over his hands and face!!


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