5 Years

I remember when we first met, like it was yesterday. Hard to believe it’s been 5 years since we started dating. In that time, we’ve visited 12 countries, purchased a home together and spent a year backpacking in Australia, amongst other things.

You know, I still haven’t figured out how to sit across from Matt and not be madly in love with everything he does. He continues to amaze me every day, with his knowledge, wit and appreciation of everything around him.

This year, we’ve skipped the ‘traditional’ anniversary celebration (going out for dinner). Today we are in London, starting the adventure of a lifetime — our unexpected, spur of the moment Europe trip:

10 weeks
25 countries
29 cities

Ambitious, I know.

What makes this backpacking trip more difficult than anything we’ve done before: we’re only bringing carry on luggage. Everything we’re going to need for the next 10 weeks must fit in our new 34L Osprey backpacks, including clothes, toiletries and blogging equipment. If airlines think our backpacks are too big…. oh uh. Obviously, we’re up for all the challenges, tight schedules, early mornings and budgets this trip will bring. We’ll be doing what we love most: exploring the world, together.

It’s hard to say which city or country we’re most looking forward to, but we’re very excited to be meeting up with some friends we met in Australia last year!

Stay tuned for our Euro-Trip updates.

— Ally

20 thoughts on “5 Years

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  1. Happy Anniversary guys. Hope the next five years are as amazing as the last five. Your European jaunt sounds really exciting, great to plan and go on a big trip. Have fun.

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      1. Everywhere! I bet your itinerary is sorted now isn’t it? My fave city in the world is Munich so always recommend there, but love Lisbon, Copenhagen, Venice and Salzburg. So many places to see.

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      2. We have Venice and Copenhagen on the list! Although we’re only going for 10 weeks, we’re on the move every two/three days so we could fit in as much as possible. Lisbon was on the list, but we’ve booked Porto instead after tons of recommendations!

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  2. Can’t wait to read about your trip – I’m heading off around Europe in a few weeks too. I hope you’re enjoying your time in my city too (London)!

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  3. Good luck! I managed to sneak my backpack past the Ryanair inspections a few times last year, even though it was definitely too big. I feel like if you have it on your back it looks a lot smaller than if you’re wheeling it. Or at least that’s what I told myself everytime I snuck it past…

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