Skydive Cairns

It’s no secret that I’m an adrenaline junkie, and I have a newfound love for extreme sports, but I might have forgotten to mention my last skydive. This took place in August, just days before my medical emergency and the horrible kidney stone experience. I’d also like to add, it was exactly 6 months to the day after Matt and I went skydiving together.

Skydiving in Cairns was very different to our Valentine’s Day skydive in Mission Beach last year, despite the fact that both jumps were with the same company; Skydive Australia. The biggest difference was that I did this one alone, and Matt did not come with me.

Luckily for me, it was a beautiful sunny morning, when I was picked up at 6am outside the hostel. In the car, was a family of 5 from the United States, all completing their first skydive together.

This time, I wasn’t nervous, but extremely excited. My skydive instructor was hilarious and very experienced. He informed me he’d been doing this for 40 years; I knew I was in good hands.

Ally Fir 0015Ally Fir 0062

Once on the plane and strapped to your instructor, you have no control over what’s happening. They do all the work, and all you have to do is smile. Those last few seconds with your feet dangling out the window is both terrifying and exciting at the same time… and then they push off.

At 15,000 feet, Cairns looks incredible. I had a great view of the city, surrounding hills and even the Great Barrier Reef.

Ally Fir 0083Ally Fir 0143 (1)At this height, freefall can last for up to one minute. It feels very cold and sometimes rough, as the wind rushes past you at speeds of 220 km/ph. Your body experiences an adrenaline rush, as you accept the feeling of falling, take in the views and panic about landing.

Ally Fir 0156 (1)Ally Fir 0161Ally Fir 0169

My favourite part of skydiving isn’t the freefall, but when we glide in the parachute. I actually got to hold the reins and we spun around a lot.

Ally Fir 0220Ally Fir 0236 (1)

I landed in a field, which is definitely not the same as the beach landing, but it didn’t take away from the experience. You can see the smile on my face after we touched down. I only wished it could have lasted longer!

Ally Fir 0265

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s safe to say we are not going skydiving again. We don’t have any real plans, other than to watch ‘Michael Bolton’s Big, Sexy Valentine’s Day Special’.

Would I skydive again? Surely everyone knows the answer by now: yes yes yes. I’m considering getting a licence to jump solo, but not anytime soon (no need to panic, mom).

Until the next big adventure!

— Ally

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  1. You are so brave, and a little crazy! Looks like you absolutely loved every second of it and I wish I had the guts to do one but am just too scared of those sort of heights. Looks amazing though. Brilliant photos.

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    1. Thank you, I kindly accept both as compliments! It’s actually not as scary as you think. Someone else is in control, so you just relax and enjoy it. On that same plane in Cairns was a family and one of the daughters was so scared of heights, so cried before getting on — but she landed with a huge smile on her face saying she would do it again!

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