A Night Under The Stars

There isn’t much that can prepare you for your first night in the outback; It’s eerily calm, remote and very dark. Most likely, the spot you’ve found is yours alone for the night, leaving little sound or light pollution. The sun goes down, and then you glance up at the sky…


The sky will leave you mesmerized. If you focus hard enough on one star, you’ll see even more appear, creating a cluster of white specks that seem to keep multiplying before your eyes.

img_2999img_3002img_2466Some were brighter than others, and some formed patterns, so we decided to go constellation hunting. Orion’s Belt, Aquarius and The Big Dipper were just a few that we’d found.


Obviously, we’ve all seen stars before, but this was the first time we’d seen them absolutely saturated the night sky, right down to the horizon. Sitting next to the fire while stargazing was the best way to end the day.


A gentle reminder of the enormity of the universe, and the insignificance of our existence.

Never stop exploring.


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