Road Trip Special Guests: Velvet Thunder & Co.

We’d like to include our road trip special guests: Velvet Thunder. These guys are joining us over the first 2 weeks to explore the Red Centre. Coming from all over the country (well, Cairns and Brisbane), we were all once Mad Monkey employees together and want to enjoy one last trip together before we go our separate ways.

Ramsay ‘Tetris’ Kerridge

23 — Scotland

The only human alive ever to complete trunk Tetris.

Alex ‘Ranger’ Sinchak

24 — United States of America

Need something? No worries, she’s got four.

John ‘Wolf Man’ Walker

23 — Scotland

Loves nothing more than waking up to the sound of bagpipes.

Jeremy ‘Grylls’ Palasty

27 — Canada

Dingo Diaries, Episode 23: Useless in a thunderstorm.

Ben ‘Fresher’ Ginn

23 – Scotland

The new guy. Loves his stripey shirt.

Velvet Thunder


Velvet Thunder is actually a rental car from Alice Springs, but she is mighty, elegant, executive, feisty and classy, all in one. She might not be very comfortable to sleep in during a lightning storm, but she’s able to chase a tour bus and make it in time for pick up. The car’s air-conditioning is marvellous and she’s super fun to surf on a dirt road. Need I say more?

Our adventures together in the Red Centre will be remembered forever.

More on that coming soon.

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