Meet The Witch Doctor & Co.

As we’re about to embark on our road trip around ‘The Rest of Australia’, we wanted to introduce our team. This one is mostly for our families, so they know who we are travelling with and where (roughly) we’ll be.

PS: Yes, the boys ripped of ‘Top Gun’ for our road trip nicknames.

Jacob ‘Ice Man’ Voss

The Witch Doctor (2)
23 — Denmark

In a constant war with the outback flies.

Aaron ‘Cougar’ Wilson

The Witch Doctor (1)
27.5 — England

In the outback of Australia… still wears a beanie.

Matt ‘Maverick’ Rawlings

The Witch Doctor (3)
26 — England

French kissed a blue-tongued lizard.

Ally ‘Canada Goose’ Fir

The Witch Doctor (4)
24 — Canada

Loves all the animals, but couldn’t save the kangaroo.

The Witch Doctor

The Rest Of Australia

Yes, we named our car after The Cartoon’s 1998 song ‘The Witch Doctor’. Somehow, it became the theme to our road trip after it played in our hostel over and over, so we gave up trying to avoid it and named the car after it as well.

The car itself is a 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser. Initially, it had only 2 seats (Jacob and Matt planned to run away together), but we’ve fixed it up to comfortably fit four people. Tents, camping equipment, surfboards, water jugs and fuel cans all live on the roof, while everything else stays in the car. It seemed like a tight squeeze at first but was sorted through a quick game of Tetris. It’s cosy, but it’s home.

The Route and Our Concerns

We don’t really have a day-to-day itinerary, but there are plans in place. We have a rough idea of where we want to go, but each day is its own adventure. Hopefully, we see all of the following:

Alice Spring – Uluru – Kings Canyon – Devils Marbles – Daly Waters (Pub) – Darwin – Kakadu National Park – Litchfield National Park – Katherine – Kimberley – Wolfe Creek Crater – Broome – Exmouth – Perth – Rottnest Island – Margaret River – Denmark – Adelaide – Coober Pedy – Kangaroo Island – Great Ocean Road – Melbourne – Tasmania

It’s a long list, and as of right now, our biggest concern is that Matt and I only have until December 7th on our Working Holiday Visas. Please cross your fingers for those tourist visas we applied for (where we don’t have to leave Australia). We hope they will be approved quickly, and we don’t have to leave and re-enter to the country.

The only other serious concern is that we’re coming into summer, and summer up north also means wet season. There can be major flooding, cyclones and rain for days in places like Darwin and Kimberley, but also heatwaves in other parts of the country (which we are experiencing now). Luckily, we’re well prepared and will move along or skip things we’d like to see, if necessary, to stay safe. Cross your toes too, that the weather stays relatively calm and we have no more car trouble.

Time to enjoy the ride!

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