Jackaroo Treehouse

Jackaroo Treehouse – 7.7/10

13 Frizelle Road, Bingil Bay
Mission Beach
QLD, Australia

Date February 2018
Length of Stay 2 nights
Room Type 6-bed dorm
Cost $25 per night

Atmosphere: 7/10
Jackaroo Treehouse is exactly as the name suggests: a giant treehouse style hostel in the middle of the rainforest. Far enough away from the main town road, it’s peaceful and serene. During our stay, there weren’t many other backpackers staying at the hostel and we enjoyed the peace and quiet. After completing their planned activities for the day (skydiving and white water rafting), you’d find more people in the hostel at night, but it didn’t add much to the atmosphere. There were organised games and activities, but they did not run during our stay as not enough people had signed up.

Although we felt relaxed, the atmosphere left us for wanting more.


Cleanliness: 8/10
Due to the hostel is a treehouse in a rainforest, there were the typical mess and bugs you’d expect. The common area, pool and bar were all partially covered despite the open plan style, and this meant leaves and bugs could be found all over. The staff would come by regularly to wipe surfaces down and sweep away the leaves, so it never felt dirty.

The room was very clean, and nets were provided on the windows to keep everything out. The room smelled fresh and the bin was changed daily.

The bathrooms were dated and could have used an overall scrub, but clean to use. Nothing was left on the counters or in the shower stalls.

The kitchen was recently renovated and kept very tidy, by both staff and guests.

Facilities: 8/10
Jackaroo has a medium sized pool in the back of the hostel, with an assortment of hammocks, tables and high-chairs nearby. The common area (found on the second floor) offered a great view of the pool, but also the surrounding rainforest and reef.

The kitchen was recently renovated, and fairly big for the size of the hostel. Plenty of cooking utensils and room in the fridges. The bar was small but offered enough seating.

Wifi was surprisingly really good, considering the location, and reached the rooms.

JT common area

Location: 6/10
The hostel is about a 10-minute drive from the Greyhound bus station, and not within walking distance.

There were no shops or restaurants near the hostel, as it was off the main roads.

Thankfully Jackaroo offered a free shuttle bus to town, which covered Greyhound arrivals and departures, and trips to the supermarket.

Room: 9/10
We stayed in a 6-bed dorm throughout our stay, but at most, there were 4 of us in the room. It was large, with tall ceilings and to our delight, had both air conditioning and a fan. There was a mirror, hooks to hang up our towels and two large windows. Wifi reached the room and we found plenty of plugs to charge all our devices.

JT dorm

The bunk beds were basic and did not offer any shelves or lights, but were very comfortable. We were able to store our bags underneath during the day.

The only downside was that the room didn’t have any lockers, so we had to carry personal belongings with us at all times. Also, the door did not automatically lock and a few times we found it unlocked and open.

Security: 7/10
Due to its location, Jackaroo Treehouse was far enough out of town and off the main road, that no one would just walk up to the hostel. The rooms required key access, but wouldn’t automatically lock when closed. Unfortunately, there were no lockers in the room to keep your valuables secure. Aside from this, it felt safe due to its location.

Staff: 9/10
As far as we were aware, there wasn’t a uniform or special lanyard staff needed to wear, so they were sometimes difficult to point out. You could always find at least one person on reception though, and they were happy to chat and answer questions.

JT Reception

The manager helped us with a last minute issue when our Base Jump cards were declined and called the company for us to resolve the issue. Much appreciated! 

We would definitely stay here again! Jackaroo offers a unique treehouse vibe for an authentic rainforest stay. If ever in Mission Beach, this is where you should spend the night!


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