Happy Birthday to Borderline Backpackers

Happy Birthday to us!

Not only is this our 100th post, but we’re celebrating one year of blogging.

We started Borderline Backpackers in October 2017 to record our year of travels around the world. As it turns out, we’ve only been to Canada and Australia throughout that time, but we sure did see a lot within those beautiful countries. Most importantly, the adventure is far from over.

With our Working Holiday Visa’s coming to an end in Australia, we’re constantly asked what our future plans are. This year has been a mixture of detailed planning (schedules, tours, work, appointments) and a newly discovered ‘go with the flow’ attitude, with the latter becoming a quick favourite. We do have a rough plan for the rest of 2018 though:

Road trip to the Red Centre, Top End and through Western of Australia, before following the coastline back around to Melbourne. As of  December 8th 2018 we will apply to stay as tourists, which gives us 3 months to see as much as possible. From there, who knows!

We have so much more to share from this past year, so stay tuned for all kinds of updates. We look forward to another year of travelling the world together and new memories to share.

Borderline Backpackers wouldn’t have lasted without our family, friends, fellow travellers and digital travel tribe. Thanks for all the support!

Matt and Ally


5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Borderline Backpackers

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  1. Hard to believe a year has almost passed since you arrived in Australia. You’ve done so much in that time…I’m so glad you could share your adventures with us through your blogging. 👍🏻

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    1. Thanks Jonno! Blogging has been a great way to record all the incredible things we’ve seen and done, while keeping friends and family updated too. We’re really excited about our upcoming road trip through Northern Territory, Western Australia and South Australia.

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