Travel Tips For Couples: Date Night

Travel tip for couples: Don’t forget to take your partner on a date once in a while!

It’s too easy to get caught up in the backpacker/travelling lifestyle and forget about your relationship with each other. Worrying about money is constantly on our minds, but it’s nice to treat one another. We feel it’s important to have one night, even if it’s just once a month, where we break the norm and splash out a bit.

Of course, you know it’s not about the money! What we’re after on our ‘date night’ abroad is the experience, and to remember that we went travelling to enjoy our time together. Sometimes we’ll spend out for dinner and drinks, whereas other times we go to a free gallery, local market or enjoy a picnic of sandwiches with a bottle of wine.

You’re entitled to one night where you forget about how long is left on your visa, how much you have in your bank accounts, applying for that job, coming up with a detailed plan on where to go next or how friends and family are doing back home.

Live in the moment, just for you two…

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    1. Absolutely! It took us a while to figure out what was missing from our travels. We enjoyed being in new places together and meeting new people, but we forgot to make time to be US. This is something we try and do weekly now!


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