Easter Weekend

It seems like I was only just writing about Valentine’s Day and our epic skydive… the Easter long weekend has come out of nowhere! Had my lovely friends on Twitter not reminded me, I probably would have forgotten!

This week, we’ve been settling into a new routine, consisting of breakfast shifts at the hostel, our new jobs, maintaining our blog and socializing. I know that sounds like a lot, but let me assure you, we’re loving it. Having a few different roles around the hostel and at work makes for a nice change from the relaxed backpacker lifestyle. This is what we’ve been up to all weekend:

Friday: There is a law in Queensland, Australia which states bars and restaurants are not allowed to serve alcohol on Good Friday, unless with a meal. I had just completed my first East Coast booking at work that morning and wanted to celebrate. While I wasn’t able to enjoy a drink, everyone at the hostel decided to stay in and spend the night together, so we decided to put on a film on our big screen.


We watched Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring…. extended edition. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to stay awake through the film and snuck off to bed early (I’m sorry, please don’t judge me).

Saturday: A small group of us decided we would make paella together for dinner, with a fresh fruit salad for dessert. We grossly underestimated how long cooking would take, and unintentionally took over the hostel kitchen for the evening (thankfully, it wasn’t too busy because people were waiting for the free BBQ that takes place every Saturday).


There were 13 of us in total, each trying to help prepare the meal. We had to take turns cutting up meat and vegetables, trying not to lose a finger in the process. We came close twice, with two injured fingers, but no stitches were required! As there were two vegetarians in the group, we made a veggie paella with rice, carrots, peppers, beans, pumpkin, tomatoes, mushrooms, onion, potato and sweet potato. We cooked prawns, chicken and chorizo on the side, for everyone else to enjoy.

With the table set, we bought a few bottles of wine from the hostel bar and enjoyed a lovely meal together! YUM.


Sunday: We spent the morning of Easter Sunday catching up with family back home. I was on the breakfast shift, but Matt got up early with me so we could surprise the hostel staff and guests with an Easter Egg Hunt! I put on some bunny ears, and we hid over 100 small chocolate eggs throughout the kitchen, common area and reception. As people woke up and made their way down for breakfast, I told them about the Easter Egg Hunt and was asked more than once if it was an April Fools joke. I could never be that mean, but it would have made a great joke.

The weather in Cairns looked promising for a day trip to the waterfalls but it started raining, just as a local bar crawl stopped by the hostel for a pool party. Although it wasn’t a large group, we were making new friends, so had a few drinks and decided to join them. They ventured all over to the town, to different hostels and bars, and it was nice to explore more of Cairns with new people.

Monday: Matt had the breakfast shift at the hostel, so I took the opportunity to get a pedicure with some of the girls. We got up early for an appointment at a local salon and enjoyed chatting while sitting in massage chairs and having our toes painted (this is the first time I’ve painted my nails since we left Canada, back in December 2017). Feeling very relaxed, we did some window shopping with fresh coffee in hand, before heading back home. My toes are already ruined (thanks to #HostelLife and cleaning out the storage room) so I hope to pop back on Tuesday afternoon before work and get them touched up.

It wasn’t a very eventful weekend, but we were happy to have the time off and be together, especially as we’re away from both our families this Easter. Wherever you are, we want to thank you for taking the time to read our blog and wish you a Happy Easter!

— Ally



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