We’re Celebrating!

Woooohoooo! After nearly a month in Cairns, everything seemed to fall into place this week. I can’t even begin to describe how frustrating it was to sit around and wait for the right opportunity or moment to happen. Backpacking the east coast of Australia was such a high for us, but now that we’ve come to the end of that trip… it’s been challenging.

** Thank you to everyone who has encouraged and supported us these past weeks. It hasn’t gone unnoticed, and we appreciate it so much. Here’s what we’re celebrating:

We are unpacking:

We had such a good time with Mad Monkey last month, we decided to stay and join the family! Matt and I are working for accommodation in Mad Monkey Tropics, making breakfast for the hostel throughout the week. It doesn’t feel like work because it’s fun, and a great way to start our day. Working the morning shift means we have the rest of our days free to hang out at the hostel, swim at the lagoon or explore more of Cairns.

We found a home! Finally, those backpacks we’ve been lugging around for 3 months are unpacked and we’re settling in.

We are both employed:

After almost a month of solid job hunting, we’ve given up on the idea of regional work (for now). Our new ‘home’ is more than enough to make us want to stay in Cairns, but in order to do that, we need to have an income! We looked at tons of different jobs in the area, and nothing looked promising. UNTIL…

Matt found a part-time job, through a friend-of-a-friend at our hostel. It’s for a local landscaping company, working on both private and residential properties. Matt doesn’t work every day, but gets a call when a new job comes available, and has the option to help out and earn some money. Landscaping is hard work and sometimes makes for a long day, but Matt really likes working outside and the challenges of a new job!

I decided I wanted to work in a travel agency, with the type of company who helped us book our East Coast trip back when we arrived in December. There are tons of these companies to choose from in Australia, helping backpackers and travellers plan their perfect trip throughout the country, from start to finish! Although its quiet season in Cairns, I applied to a few places and crossed my fingers. I was called in for an interview with one agency and the next day, I was offered a job! I’m currently in training and loving every second. It couldn’t be more perfect!

Both jobs are in industries that neither of us has experience in, but we’re taking the time to learn as much as possible. We’re very excited about the opportunities and support one another in our new roles.

We have a great group of friends:

Staying in Cairns has really given us the chance to really get to know other people. When backpacking, you may share a room with someone for two nights, or spend every moment together during a three-day tour, but then never see them again. It happens; everyone is on their own journey or schedule when backpacking.

Now that we are more settled in Cairns, we’ve had the time to sit and talk with people past the “basic backpacker questions”. The Mad Monkey family has welcomed us with open arms, and we never want to leave.

Mr Linda will not be going to a shelter:

About two weeks ago, we got news that Linda’s current owner might be getting transferred across the country for work. If this happened, she would be unable to take our cat with her. This was especially stressful for us because it was hard enough finding someone to take him when we were in Bournemouth. How could we possibly do it while abroad!?

I was worried Linda would go to a shelter, and that we may never see him again. Matt spent the last two weeks frantically asking around and sharing posts on social media to find him a new home. Thankfully, one of his friends has offered to look after our cat and we couldn’t be more excited.

Matt’s brother has been a lifesaver, offering to move Linda to his new home this coming weekend, as we can’t very well do it ourselves! THANK YOU JOE.

I’ll admit, having to arrange a move for Linda while abroad was an extra curveball we weren’t expecting. I’m so thankful it happened now (because of the downtime we’ve had), and that it worked out so simply and quickly. Most importantly, I have a feeling Linda and his new owner are going to get along really well.

Borderline Backpackers is expanding:

Borderline Backpackers is an equal mix of travel advice and personal blog posts (kind of like a travel diary with recommendations and reviews). We aim to get a new post out every other day, and work hard to get noticed and maintain a daily presence on multiple social media platforms. We’re reaching more people every day, and I’m thrilled that people are asking for travel advice. It’s a dream come true, and it’s thanks to YOU. YES YOU, the one reading this post. Without your support, we would not be where we are now.

As our community and network continues to grow, we found out that we were nominated for a few blog awards. These awards were created to give support and recognition to bloggers, while also getting to know the people behind their blog/brand. Read our post on The Versatile Blogger Award. Coming soon: The Sunshine Blogger Award and The Liebster Award.

Over the past few months, we’ve worked with some really big travel companies, writing blog posts and reviews. More news to come soon on a new opportunity, but we’re very excited about this potential collaboration.

Maybe it doesn’t seem like much, but we feel as though we’ve had an amazing week. Personally, I’m on top of the world! I know to some people, these may seem like silly accomplishments. Why would we take the time to celebrate?

Life is completely different as backpackers; We have been on the road for a good few months without work, moving around and changing cities every few days. As much as we don’t miss the ‘daily routine’, it’s exciting to have a new job, to come home to a great group of people, and to have the same roof over our heads.

Tonight, we celebrate.

We’re settled, for the time being, and happy about that fact.
Our cat is safe, and will continue to be in good hands.
The blog is expanding!


— Ally

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  1. Way to go borderline backpackers!!! We have followed you from start…😃 so nice to see you in this place now. I am thrilled for you both. 😃☀️😎👏🏻🥂

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