Pippies Beachhouse Backpackers

Pippies Beachhouse Backpackers – (8.5/10)

22 Spectrum St, Rainbow Beach
Queensland, Australia

Date January 2018
Length of Stay 4 nights
Room Type 4-bed dorm
Cost $25 pp/night

Atmosphere: 9/10
Everyone at Pippies Beachhouse was in a happy, positive mood; either hyped up for their tour to Fraser Island or still on a high after returning from it. There were two large communal areas, one inside and one outside. Both offered space to eat, drink and chat, and were always full of people. Rainbow beach is a very quiet town, so everyone just hung out at the hostel together, getting to know fellow travellers who would be on the same trip, or reminiscing on the previous few days activities.

Cleanliness: 7/10
Our room was almost spotless, apart from one long black hair on our sheets. There were separate toilet and shower rooms dotted throughout the different buildings, and they were well kept, despite never seeing them being cleaned. My pet peeve, though, was the soaking wet mats on the floor (from the showers), and nowhere to hang them up. The kitchen had a camera, asking guests to clean up after themselves or they would be told off. Lots of the pots and pans had not been scrubbed thoroughly enough, and therefore, we washed up everything again before using it. The breakfast bar was sometimes left out until lunchtime, and flies were seen around the spreads. One of the picnic table tops was very sticky and left me with small bumps on my arm the next day.

IMG_8039 (1)
Facilities: 8/10
The hostel had three small buildings, each with dorm rooms. The buildings had separate showers and toilets, two of which had full kitchens. There was an indoor and outdoor lounge area. The indoor one fitted with sofas, a tv, a bookshelf and plenty of wall plugs. The outdoor area had a BBQ, picnic tables and hammocks. There was a small pool located at the back of the hostel, along with laundry facilities.

Location: 10/10
Rainbow Beach is a very small town. The hostel was located on the same street as the bus stop, and only a few minutes walk to the nearest grocery store and bottle shop. The CBD was across the street, where you could find cafes, salons, surf shops and travel agents.

Room: 9/10
We were put in two different rooms because we stayed at Pippies Beachhouse Backpackers on either side of our Fraser Island trip. The first room was a large, 4-bed dorm with French windows and plenty of floor space. It was called ‘Hollywood’ and had stars decorating the walls to match the theme. The beds were very squeaky but otherwise comfy.

The second room we stayed in did not have a theme, as it was one of the older rooms in the hostel, but was also a 4-bed dorm. It was much smaller and had two windows overlooking the back of the hostel grounds.

Both rooms had air conditioning, which was much appreciated after camping on Fraser Island, but unfortunately, no lockers – or it would have received 10/10.

IMG_8037 (1)
Security: 7/10
Although there were no lockers in the room, the hostel staff at Pippies Beachhouse were happy for us to chuck stuff behind reception in their safe, when we went out of left for Fraser Island. During our Fraser Island trip, bags were stored in their massive luggage tent which was locked when not in use. The hostel grounds were open for anyone to walk in, but a key was required to enter any of the rooms.

Staff: 10/10
We met two guys on reception, who were both very helpful – a Scottish guy and another one who always wore Ray Bans (sorry we didn’t catch your names!). They lead the introductory and safety briefing for Fraser Island, and we’re happy to answer any and all of our questions. For the tag-along-tour, our tour guide was Nate. He was funny, friendly and very knowledgeable about the local areas. He made jokes with us, kept checking in on our group during the drives and openly said we were the best group he had ever had! Thank you, Nate 🙂

Overall: This is the perfect hostel to stay at if you’re going on a Fraser Island tour. The vibe at the hostel is really special, and I would recommend anyone else planning to see K’gari to go with Pippies Beachhouse Backpackers!


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