Coffee Iconic.

Coffee Iconic – $$ – 9/10
Coffee – Baked goods – Toasties and Croissants
340 George St, Brisbane City QLD 4000

On our first day ‘in The Forgotten City‘ (Brisbane), we drop our bags at the hostel and decided to explore the city. It’s something we do in most big cities when we arrive, so we get our bearings. It’s a good way to discover certain cafes, bars, restaurants and events that we maybe wouldn’t know about if you just looked on a map.


Coffee Iconic was one of those hidden places, set down a side alley, that most people walk past without a second glance. When I’ve got nowhere to be, I pay a lot more attention to detail in the world around me, with nothing distracting me and no specific route I need to take. I was drawn to Coffee Iconic’s signage, and their meal deal for a croissant or toastie with a coffee for $10. Considering most coffee shops charge about $5 for a cup of coffee anyway, it was a pretty good deal. We ordered a flat white with a chicken, pesto and cheese toastie (to share) and were directed down the alley, where it opened up into a courtyard with benches, tables, fairy lights and plants.

By the time we’d wondered round, looked at the quaint decorations and taken our seats, the coffee and toastie had arrived. MAN, they were good. The coffee was the best I’d had since Melbourne, and the toastie was the first hot food I’d had in a few days, so it tasted twice as good.

The staff who took our order and served it to our table were both really friendly, although they were quite busy so we didn’t get a chance to ask much about the cafe, how long they’d been there etc.

If you’ve read our article about Brisbane, and you’re planning to visit this tropical version of London, we’d recommend stopping off at Coffee Iconic for a caffeine boost to fuel your city exploring.

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