Brisbane Uptown

Brisbane Uptown Р7.3/10

466 George Street, Brisbane
QLD, Australia

Date January 2018
Length of Stay 2 nights
Room Type 8-bed dorm
Cost $24 pp/night (Base Jump card used)

Atmosphere: 7/10
Upon arrival, we were greeted by receptionists in the lobby, who advised we couldn’t check in or even access communal areas until 1pm (we’d arrived at 11am). The reception was a small front room with only one sofa, and the front entrance door was always littered with smokers. Our room had a good vibe though, and all the beds were full. Most of our roommates were happy to talk but one guy just stared at his phone in silence for 2 days straight. The communal area was constantly busy with people talking and playing games, but it was too hot to stay there for a long period of time. The hostel organised a few nightly events but weren’t informative of these. We only found out about what was going on after everyone had left.

The Guilty Rogue was attached to the hostel and a very lively pub. Brisbane Uptown guests could get a discount on both food and drink, which we definitely took advantage of!


Cleanliness: 7/10
The room was what you’d expect for the price: carpets were relatively clean, with a few odd dark stains, bed sheets looked and smelt fresh. The ensuite was visibly clean, I think sharing with girls also helped. Brisbane Uptown also installed an air freshener on a timer to keep the room smelling nice (or possibly to cover up some ungodly smell still lingering from a previous guest). The kitchen wasn’t the best, but that’s primarily the guest’s fault. Other communal areas were kept tidy.

Facilities: 5/10
There wasn’t really anything to do at the hostel, entertainment wise. There was a TV and some games in the lounge area, but nothing else. The Guilty Rogue is attached to the hostel, and because it is a licensed bar, you’re unable to bring your own alcohol in. Brisbane Uptown had a few bar crawls with competitions running in the evening, or you could book excursions with them at the front desk but they weren’t very informative of when they were leaving or if the event was on. We asked about an Australia Day event three times at reception, and no one seemed organised or to know about it.


Location: 10/10
Perfect location for Brisbane! The hostel is right near the main transport terminal, and within a reasonable walking distance to Brisbane CBD. It was also close enough to walk to the Botanical Gardens and South Bank Lagoon (30 mins walk at most).

Room: 7/10
Our room was an 8-bed dorm, that should’ve really been a 6-bed dorm. There were NO LOCKERS again (a trend that’s becoming more frequent the further up the coast we go) and nowhere to store our bags, other than under the bed (which the bottom-bunkers had already taken). The room was full (probably our first full room on our east coast trip), so with 8 backpacks + 8-day bags + other miscellaneous items, it was bloody cramped. There were a few positives though, which managed to salvage the room quality – the aircon was amazing (an absolute godsend in 30c+ degrees ), the beds were really comfy, and we had an ensuite. The only downside to the ensuite was that, with 8 people in the room, it was always engaged, and we did not come across any communal bathrooms on our floor. Beds were made upon arrival, and sheets were fresh and stainless.


Security: 8/10
This would’ve been a 10 if Brisbane Uptown had lockers, as the hostel was basically a fortress. The reception was right at the entrance and there was always at least one member of staff manning it. Key access was required to the luggage room from reception, in clear view of staff. The rest of the hostel was accessible from the lift, with the lounge/kitchen/laundry on floor 1 and dorms above that up to floor 4. A coded keycard was used to call the lift, and the same card gave you access to your room. After checkout, we tested if we could still sneak up to the communal floor, which was relatively easy if someone else swiped their card or someone happened to be coming down, but gaining room access would’ve been near impossible without a keycard. Shame about the lack of lockers, which meant we had to take our valuables with us all day and sleep with them in the bed at night.


Staff: 7/10
No one really stood out. Receptionists were friendly, but not overly informative or welcoming. Brisbane Uptown had more of a hotel feel than a hostel, just a quick “Hi, how are you? What’s name is your booking under? Oh, check-in isn’t until 1pm if you want to come back then?”, then when we return at 1pm “Hi again, can I see some ID, please? Ok, here is your key, room XX, 4th floor in the elevator”. No mention of the bar, any events or things to do in the area. We didn’t even find out about the bar crawl until after it had started.

If you’re only in Brisbane for a couple of nights and want a relatively cheap hostel, stay here. I’ve previously stayed at the Nomads in Brisbane and you get a similar experience there too, as they are part of the same company.


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