My Shared Bookshelf – February 2018

I’m always a little wary when approaching a hostel bookshelf. When I finally reach the reading corner and get to glace at all the colourful book spines, I’ll either be filled with immediate excitement or immediate disappointment. I’m not a fussy reader, but its difficult to pick up a book in another language when you’re only fluent in English. As we’re now backpacking, books are more difficult to come by, and more importantly, they have to be carried from each location.

Once a month, I’ll compile a list of the books I’ve found and read from hostel bookshelves. They may be in poor condition and not the typical story or genre I’d choose to read, but this girl can’t afford to be picky. This post is mostly for me to keep track of what I’m reading (something I’ve never done before) but I hope you’ll find something of interest here too! ** Please note, I’m not going to review the novels as I’d never want to ruin it for someone else, but rather tell you why I chose them and how quickly I got through them. I could easily read more, but books of my liking are more difficult to come by on a shared shelf!

Without further ado, I present to you:

The Girl On The Train
Paula Hawkins, 2015

Girl on the Train

If you haven’t already read this book, GO GRAB A COPY NOW. Don’t cheat by watching the film, the book is honestly much better (and takes place in England, rather than America). I read this novel once before, in August 2015. My mum had a copy on her bookshelf and said she was through with it, so I sat in the backyard one morning, reading with my cup of tea and sunbathing. I was instantly hooked, and the book was finished the next afternoon. Even though I already knew the ending, I was excited to find a copy in Pippies Beachhouse Backpackers. Once started, it was finished in two days.


The Da Vinci Code
Dan Brown, 2003

The Da Vinci CodeUsually, I have a strict rule about reading books before the film comes out. I had seen The Da Vinci Code many times before, and was worried about how it would influence the way I read the novel. Fortunately, this book blew me away! It ended differently than the film, so I’m glad there were some changes that I was unable to ‘remember’ or anticipate. I was surprised to learn that ‘Angels and Demons’ was the first in the Robert Langdon series, as it was frequently referenced in this novel. I read its 600 pages in 3 days, and will be keeping an eye out for more Dan Brown books along our trip!

Both of these books are films… did you read them before you saw them on the big screen? Do you normally read the book or watch the film first?

Don’t forget to check out the books I found and read in January.

As always, let me know your thoughts — I love to talk books!



11 thoughts on “My Shared Bookshelf – February 2018

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    1. Thanks for the recommendation Amanda, I’ll keep an eye out for it! I’ve come across Dan Brown’s ‘Deception Point’ but haven’t grabbed it from the hostel shelf yet. Have you read that one? Also, would you believe I found a copy of ‘Angels and Demons’ but its in German?! 😦

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  1. Reading in a different language must be tough if you only fluent in English hey 😂 Haven’t read any books on the list, watched the girl on a train so probably not going to read it. Prefer reading a book first then watching it as you noted. Watching it first kind of ruins the visuals in my head if I read after ✌️

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    1. I have to ignore the books in different languages, which is sometimes annoying because I found Outlander and Angels and Demons in German – two books I really want to read! I agree with books before film, but Girl On The Train really is a better book!!

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