Betty’s Burgers & Concrete co.

Betty’s Burgers & Concrete co. – $$ – 9/10
Burger bar – Ice cream
Shop 2/50 Hastings St, Noosa Heads, QLD 4567

As you all know by now, I love a good burger joint, and this place was recommended to us by an Aussie friend. We were in Noosa for 3 days, with a diet that consisted primarily of oats and noodles, so we decided to splash out and treat ourselves to an Oz renown burger.

Betty’s is right in the centre of town, nestled between a few other restaurants and cafes. We walked up the steps and were immediately greeted by a friendly server, who sat us at a table for 3. It was pretty busy when we arrived, and most seats were filled, but they still seemed to be slightly overstaffed, considering they were an ‘order at the bar’ restaurant.

Like most burger places in Oz, the mains didn’t include chips – a luxury that would cost you an extra $5. Even though we were starving, following a hike to the Fairy Pools and Hells Gate, we decided to just slam a burger down and skip the chips. Instead, Ally and I ordered a ‘concrete’ (mainly out of curiosity) to share, which set us back $8. We got a burger each, and went halves – one Betty’s Classic ($10) and one Crispy Chicken ($11).


We were asked if we wanted the food to come out separately or together, we agreed to have it come out together, which we later regretted. The ‘concrete’ is primarily custard ice cream , so would’ve been better to come out after the burgers, but no biggie, we just had to chow down on the burgers on a race against time before the ice cream melted.

The burgers were top notch, presented impeccably and served together on a cardboard basket within about 10 minutes.  Betty’s Classic was a standard cheeseburger formation, but with one giant lettuce leaf, which I haven’t seen elsewhere but really enjoyed. The tomato slices were also generous and not off cuts or end pieces. The patty was handmade in heaven, and pressed enough that it protruded all the way around the circumference of the bun, meaning that you never had a bite of the burger with no meat (a pet hate of any burger fanatic). The cheese had that glorious, melted sticky texture and looked like ‘plastic cheese’ you put on your barbie burgers at home, but tasted 10x better. The bun was the highlight for me, which is rare, slightly crispy outside but soft and fluffy inside. Crispy Chicken was exactly that, same ingredients except the patty was a hunk of southern fried chicken – I only had a bite, but it was also top drawer.


Now onto the concrete – I hadn’t heard of this before, so we decided to give it a go. The menu described it as ‘rich & creamy custard ice cream’, and was exactly what it says on the tin. We went for the ‘Almond Toffee Marshmallow’ flavour, but there were 6 other options and an opportunity to combine your own concrete concoction from a list of available ingredients. It was enough for the two of us to share, but we rarely eat dessert, so if you have a sweet tooth, you could certainly polish one off by yourself. The ice cream was served in a tub and tasted incredible, with chunks of something that tasted a bit like honeycomb crunch, and topped with whipped cream, marshmallows, and drizzled in caramel sauce.


Overall one of the best burgers I’ve had up the East Coast, and didn’t make me feel groggy after eating it. Concrete was a new experience, and definitely worth a try.

You need Betty in your life.

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