Budds in Surfers

Budds in Surfers – 6.5/10

6 Pine Avenue, Budds Beach
Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast
Queensland, Australia

Date January 2018
Length of Stay 2 nights
Room Type 4-bed dorm
Cost $34 pp/night



Atmosphere: 8/10
Budds in Surfers was definitely a party hostel by night, therefore making it quiet during the day. Guests would tend to chill out by the pool or sit on the benches chatting, clearly tired or hungover from the night before. In the evening, people were seen at the BBQ, playing ping pong and beer pong before heading off to a different bar crawl every night organised by the reps. It had a pretty fun atmosphere, but I wouldn’t bring your kids here (it may have been an 18+ hostel anyway).


Cleanliness: 3/10
The Budds unisex bathrooms were disgusting. They were ‘closed for cleaning’ at least once a day, but I don’t know what they actually did other than refill toilet paper. I used the same shower cubicle 3 times over the two days, and the same clumps of grime, hair and sand were in the exact same place. In fact, all the shower cubicles were grim, with black mould in the grouting. The toilets were no better, with hair, dirt, water (at least, I hope it was water) and toilet paper all over the floor in every cubicle. The toilet bowl itself also looked like it hadn’t been scrubbed in a very long time, and one of the flush buttons was missing.


The hostel wheelie bins were kept in the terrace area which was primarily used for eating, so you got a waft of that while having lunch. The whole hostel just had a grimy feel and in need of a thorough deep clean. The kitchen was also very dirty come afternoon. Hostel guests did not clean up after themselves (the photo below was taken after staff had tidied in the morning). The ‘free food’ shelf was located behind the fridges, practically out of site. It was covered in ants and other bugs because the food was left open and fruit/veg on the shelf had turned mouldy and mushy. Every surface was sticky!


Facilities: 7/10
Budd’s had a swimming pool, which was much appreciated on a hot day! A TV lounge with DVDs and a games console was located in reception, along with a reading corner and pool tables. Outside, there was a BBQ and table tennis, although the dim lighting made it difficult to play at night. The pool was closed at 10pm, but throughout the night, people could be heard climbing over the fence to swim.

Location: 8/10
The hostel was a short walk from Surfers Paradise beach, shops and restaurants. It was located off the main road, which meant it was quiet at night but still close enough to walk to the bars. The bus terminal was only a 15-minute walk, but a shuttle could be arranged with the staff.

Room: 7/10
Our 4-bed dorm was located on the second floor. Dim lighting made the room look dingy, and it felt small. There was no air conditioning, two fans were provided which kept the girls on the bottom bunks nice and cool, but the room was sweltering hot on the top bunks, even with both windows open. Lockers were provided, and they were fairly large, but 1 locker was missing a door. Not much space to do anything, especially difficult with two or more of us trying to get ready at the same time. The door also had a separate screen door, which allowed a bit more air in, but because it didn’t lock, you could only do this with someone staying in the room. The only positive was that there were enough plug sockets for everyone to use.


Security: 6/10
We only saw people at reception first thing in the morning, so it felt like anyone could walk straight in, or easily walk around the side to the pool area. Rooms had a screen door, and the key would open a locked door behind it. Lockers were provided in the room and were fairly large, but 1 locker was missing a door so had to cram both our belongings in one to share.

Staff: 7/10
We came across a few members of staff on our stay, but only one person stood out. Unfortunately, we didn’t catch his name, but he was the hostel rep leading the nights out (I remember he was from England). He was funny and very chatty, making us feel welcome and included in the evening events. The other members of staff seemed friendly, but it was never really obvious what they were meant to be doing (cleaning, reception, etc).

Overall: We would not stay here again. Despite the good location to town and the pool, the hostel was too dirty and hot to make us want to stay here again.

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