Burgers Anonymous

Burgers Anonymous – $$ – 7/10
Burger bar
80 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Met up with our Sydney Squad for some late night ‘farewell food’ for our boy, Hugh, who was flying back to Singapore the next morning. We wandered down Oxford Street looking for somewhere open, and basically had a choice between pizza or burgers as most places were closed by 10pm. We spotted Burgers Anonymous, and sat down at a table for 6.

The shop was on the smaller side, but I reckon they get quite a bit of takeaway or Deliveroo/Uber eats business so don’t need a huge dining area on site. It probably seats around 25 people and there were only two other small groups there when we arrived at 10ish. We ordered at the bar, the guy who served us was friendly and happy to help when we asked for extra water/sauces etc.

I went for the Heisenburger (Double Patty, double cheese, maple bacon, salad and B.A. sauce) with a side of fries and a drink. The burger was $15 and the meal upgrade was an extra $5.50, if you wanted alcohol as your drink it was slightly more. We were given the can of drink straight away, and the food came out 10 minutes later.

The Heisenburger was one of the biggest on the menu, and it was huge. The bun almost looked glazed, by a fine oil mist, but not greasy. There was a ton of cheese and sauce, which tasted great but made the burger difficult to hold together – a challenge I was more than willing to accept. The patty itself was the only slightly disappointing ingredient, as myself and others at the table almost broke a tooth on small pieces of gristle/bone that almost all of us found in the patty. I would guess the beef was Chuck (judging by the other humourously named burgers, Chuck Norris XL and Chuck Jr.), and other than the gristle, it was pretty tender and flavourful. The portion sizes were also huge for the fries, so much so that some of our group couldn’t even finish them. They were crispy, golden, slightly over-salted, but overall realllllly good fries.

The shop was pretty clean, and the artwork on the wall was really cool (Walter White in the featured image). I’ll return when I’m back in Sydney, although I have to say, the gristle is enough to make me actually consider a veggie option on my next visit.


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