Grampians Eco YHA

Grampians Eco YHA – 9.4/10

Corner Grampians and Buckler Roads
Halls Gap, VIC

Date January 2017
Length of Stay 1 Night
Room Type 3 Bed Dorm
Cost $35 each

We stayed at this hostel on our road trip with Emily! She booked it in for us, and we had no idea where we were staying until we arrived. Hands down, one of the best hostels we have ever been to. Thanks Grampians Eco YHA!

Atmosphere: 9/10
Upon arrival at 4pm, the reception area was closed, but Gary was happy to open up and let us check in slightly earlier. We didn’t really see anyone else until the evening when people where getting back from the trails. The vibe was good and everyone was just sat around chatting and relaxing. After a long day hiking, most people (including us) wanted to just chill out, which was exactly the atmosphere that the hostel had to offer.

Cleanliness: 10/10
Easily the cleanest hostel we have ever stayed in! The kitchen was large, offering two identical areas for cooking. It was spotless, and the other hostel guests were great at keeping the mess to a minimum and washing/drying immediately after use. Nothing was out of place. Every item in the kitchen belonged in a spot which was easy to identify and help keep the area tidy. Bins were distinctly labelled for rubbish, recycling or leftover scraps for chickens. Our room looked and smelt clean. Bed sheets were fresh and folded neatly. Bathrooms tidy with extra loo roll, and two shower units. Throughout the day, Gary and Kellie were seen cleaning the hostel (doing laundry and wiping down the windows/glass doors).

Facilities: 9/10
Both bathrooms on our floor had 2x toilet and 2x shower cubicle. The Kitchen was equipped with all utensils, pots and pans, microwave and electric hobs. There was a Garden area around the back and sides of the property, with deck chairs, benches and a rock water feature that the attracted birds. There were two large (considering the number of guests) lounge areas, one had a bookshelf full with good reads and a TV, the other was more of a sofa room. The Laundry room was just down the hall from the bathrooms. The reception was only open 5pm-9pm which I assume is because it was just Gary and Kellie running the place, but they were still always about if you needed to speak to management. There weren’t many activities available within the hostel, but you’re really just using this it as a base to hike around the Grampians.

Location: 10/10
Grampians Eco YHA is located on the main street in Halls Gap, right in the middle of the Grampians. The general store, information centre, service station and even local pool are within a 5-minute drive from the hostel. You couldn’t get any closer to the hiking trails!

Room: 9/10
We spent the night in a three-bed dorm, which was great because we were with Emily and had the room to ourselves! It was small but efficient, with one bunk bed and a single bed. The room was spacious, with a folding table, chair, hanging rails for towels and 2 large sized lockers, big enough to fit a 60L backpack. The door had to be pushed hard to lock when you left, and on one occasion we left thinking it was locked and came back to the door slightly ajar. The room also offered a sliding French window, which could be opened. Not a picturesque view, but let a lot of light in during the day and we could spot the chickens roaming the grounds. The curtain was thick and blocked out all the sunlight. Beds were comfy and clean. The bunk didn’t make too much noise when tossing and turning during the night. There was a fan, but we didn’t need to use it as the walls were concrete and kept the room cool throughout the day and night.

Staff: 10/10
Gary helped us to check in when we arrived at the hostel. He was very friendly and efficient. Emily had a few questions about the local area, and he was quick to share information and recommendations. Gary gave us a tour and highlighted certain areas on the hostel’s hand-drawn town map that we might like to see, before showing us to our room. When walking past reception later, he asked if we had found the spots we asked about. It was really nice of him to remember! He then recommended catching the sunset at Reeds Lookout and an even quieter spot, off the track, that only locals really know about. He also mentioned restaurants shut early in the small town and was able to tell us when the supermarket closes. In the morning, during checkout, we met Kellie. She’s just as friendly and welcoming as Gary. At breakfast, she went outside and got us fresh eggs from the hostel chickens! I’ve never felt more welcome or looked after in any hostel. Thank you, Gary and Kellie!!

Security: 9/10
As we were all friends sharing a room, reception gave us one key. The door locked from both sides but needed a good push to ensure it was closed before leaving. The room only offered two lockers, for a three-bed dorm. The front and back doors locked at night, and a code was required to enter, which you could get from reception or on the back of your key-ring.

Overall: We will definitely stay here again when we return to Grampians National Park. Clean, safe, and the perfect place to relax after a long day hiking in the Grampians.

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