The Soup Place

The Soup Place – $ – 7/10
Soup, Baguettes, Paninis
258-260 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000

It was our first day in Melbourne city, and we were getting pretty peckish, so we went in search of a cheap and cheerful cafe for lunch. We were following some side roads covered in graffiti, and stumbled across Flinders Lane. It felt like a back-alley converted into a busy street food market. A bit dark and dingy, with homeless people lingering, but the shops themselves looked surprisingly clean.

The Soup Place had at least 10 large cauldrons of different flavours of soup, and a sign that intrigued us — “Pay It Forward $3.50” — so we ventured inside and asked what this was about. The girl behind the counter explained it was an option for people who wanted to buy a homeless person a portion of soup. We were directed to a wall full of multicoloured post-it notes, with kind, handwritten messages of goodwill from the magnanimous contributors. There was also a jar with thank-you notes from the homeless recipients.

The cafe itself was small and narrow, with seating for no more than 10 customers. Nevertheless, we were the only people in there, so decided to order some nosh. As we were choosing our fill from the glass cabinet, the waitress came over with a glass marker and wrote “All Baguettes Now $3.50”, which made our decision even easier. I went for the meatball, and Ally went for the Salami baguette.

Neither of the baguettes were photo-worthy, but both tasted good and fresh. They were toasted, so the centre of the meatballs were still slightly cold, but this isn’t the first place I’ve had this happen. I had a bite of Ally’s and it was pretty decent. Nothing to shout about, but worth every cent of the $3.50 we paid for it.

The food isn’t necessarily the only reason you come to this place, it’s to help the homeless, and feed someone who, without your contribution, may not have eaten that day. I can’t comment on the taste of the soup, but it smelt amazing, and I’ll certainly be back to try it.

This isn’t my standard Grub Hub post, but I just thought The Soup Place deserved a shout out.

Keep it up guys!

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