This year, we were fortunate to explore through 3 different continents, countless cities and with all the people we love! Thank you to everyone we met along the way, you have all made this year so special for us.


Two trips to London, a birthday scavenger hunt in Bournemouth, cheerleading competitions, visits with friends from all over the world, celebrating a 100th birthday, dinner in an aeroplane on the beach, Sharkeys, four music festivals, our little black cat, breakfasts at Platform 19, a weekend getaway to Amsterdam, champagne in bed when we found out our visas to Australia were accepted, a cancelled Blink-182 concert, Falcons socials, never-ending shots at Revs, Sunday quiz nights (Tequila Mockingbird), graduating university, packing up our flat, leaving drinks at Brewhouse and Kitchen and saying goodbye to the the life we’d built…

North America:

I will never forget the moment our parents met for the first time, in my backyard, in Vineland. Having all my family in one place was perfection, and I only wished it could have stayed that way forever! Trips to Niagara Falls, kayaking on Niagara River, Dancing With The Stars, drinks on a rooftop bar in Toronto, a Blue Jays game, my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary, walking tours in Quebec City, haunted hostels, a mountain in Montreal, visiting with old friends, Grape and Wine festival and a Jo Ho Hike. Then, seeing the Rocky Mountains for the first time, laughing in the snow, making new friends, drinks in Banff, canoeing on Lake Louise, wine tastings, bracelet making, hikes, dog walks, Grey Cup party, campfires with smores… The perfect trip home.


After years of planning, we’re here in Sydney, Australia and happier than ever, but the adventures have only just begun…

Twenty-seventeen has definitely been our year, and we’re looking forward to exploring the world and all the experiences to come in 2018. Wishing you all the best, and a happy new year!

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