Samesun Banff

Samesun Banff – 9.3/10

433 Banff Avenue
Banff, Alberta

Date October 2017
Length of Stay 2 nights
Room Type 8-bed dorm
Cost N/A

We stayed at this hostel as part of a tour with Moose Travel Network. Accommodation at HI-Lake Louise was included in the package we purchased.

Atmosphere: 10/10
The atmosphere at Samesun Banff was awesome! Staff were friendly, as were the other hostel guests. The bar was always full in the evenings, and everyone was invited to take part in games in the common room. The hostel offered a range of daily activities, and we were able to take part in ice skating. It seemed like there was always something going on that we could participate in, and the friendly atmosphere made us feel welcome. You couldn’t ask for anything better!

Cleanliness: 8/10
Other than a few stains on the floor in our room, there were no issues with cleanliness. Beds and sheets were clean, the carpet was vacuumed and bins emptied the morning we arrived.

Facilities: 9/10
Samesun Banff was packed with great facilities. They had a bar at the entrance, which doubled up as the dining room for bar food and breakfast every morning. The bar itself had a good selection of bottles drinks, cocktails, and a shot wheel. There were plenty of communal bathrooms, as well as a large ensuite in our room. The upstairs area consisted of a kitchen and a lounge/common room, with a TV and sofas to hang out and play card games.

Location: 10/10
With a view of the mountains from your window, and only a few minutes walk to the local shops and bars, Samesun Banff is the perfect location for your visit! Walk around the town and try to find all the animal streets (like Bear, Wolf, Squirrel, etc.). If you fancy heading out of town, taxis and buses are easy to come across.

Room: 9/10
We stayed in an 8-bed dorm on the main floor of the hostel. Our room had two large windows, a fireplace, individual lockers a bathroom, including a shower. As we were located at the other end of the hostel, we didn’t hear any noise from the reception or bar. Lockers were quite spacious and could fit a small backpack, but suitcases and larger backpacks were littered across the floor. Beds were comfy! Each one had a shelf, a small lamp and plug sockets for chargers. The bed Matt stayed in had a lowered ceiling above it, and he banged his head a few times, so worth going for one of the other bunks where possible.

Security: 10/10
Upon arrival, we were given two keys for Samesun Banff. One was for access to the hostel communal areas and the other was only for our room. Neither key was labelled, nor were we given a keyring with the hostel name – so it felt very secure. There were individual lockers in our room, large enough to fit personal belongings and a small backpack. The reception was open 24 hours and a member of staff always present, which was right at the front door.

Staff: 9/10
The staff at Samesun Banff were simply awesome! Liesa was easily our favourite person – she led the ice skating activity with the hostel and her bubbly personality made our time very enjoyable. The bartenders gave us a good laugh throughout the night, and the kitchen staff made excellent food. Everyone we came in contact with was happy and friendly.

Definitely recommend anyone planning a trip to Banff town, to stay at the Samesun. They were very accommodating, and we had an awesome time for the two nights we stayed there. Perfect for a group, but would also be a great sociable place to meet people if you are travelling alone. Stay here over HI Banff Alpine Centre.

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