HI Lake Louise

HI-Lake Louise – 8.4/10

203 Village Road
Lake Louise, Alberta

Date October 2017
Length of Stay 1 night
Room Type 4-bed dorm
Cost N/A

We stayed at this hostel as part of a tour with Moose Travel Network. Accommodation at HI-Lake Louise was included in the package we purchased.

Atmosphere: 8/10
Really cool vibe at this hostel, with plenty of options for social activities within the hostel building itself. Being with the tour group, we didn’t spend much time with other visitors, but everyone had a good time. The hostel restaurant was full and lively!

Cleanliness: 9/10
No issues with cleanliness here! The kitchen was tidy upon arrival, and we left it in the same state after cooking a group meal. Rooms, bathrooms and communal areas were very clean.

Facilities: 8/10
Plenty of bathrooms for the amount of people staying. The hostel offered a restaurant, located o the main floor and open to the public, and the kitchen was found downstairs for hostel guests – we cooked spaghetti bolognese with our group. There was also a sauna in the basement which was fun to hang out in with everyone. In the evening we had a few beers around a roaring campfire, under the stars. It was awesome.


Location: 10/10
Although the hostel was in the middle of nowhere, you couldn’t ask for a better location. It is one of the closest hostels to Lake Louise, less that a 10 minute drive. Not much else going on in the surrounding area, but then you would only really be staying here if you were going to visit Lake Louise anyway.

Room: 8/10
We stayed in a spacious 4 bed dorm that had super comfy beds. Like REALLY comfy, especially the pillows. The room had its own bathroom with a toilet and sink, and communal showers were located just outside in the hall. Our window faced out to where the fire pit was, offering a beautiful view of snow covered trees in the morning. There was lots of hooks to hang jackets or towels from the wall. The room had a unique charm, which I discovered when I found a handwritten note under my bunkbed shelf…


Security: 8/10
The hostel itself was in the middle of nowhere, so the risk of theft from outside was pretty slim. The front door took you straight to reception, which had someone working there every time we walked past. The room required key access, and lockers were under the beds in the rooms.

Staff: 8/10
We met two members of staff during our stay. Both were friendly, welcoming and helpful. At one point, our group was told to keep the noise down at the fire pit, which shows the hostel staff are dedicated to ensuring each guest has a peaceful stay.

I wish we could have stayed here longer! The location is perfect for visiting Lake Louise, the hostel itself is welcoming and warm after a nice day in the mountains. I would highly recommend and would stay here again in a heartbeat.

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