Samesun Kelowna

Samesun Kelowna – 8/10

125 Harvey Avenue
Kelowna, British Columbia

Date October 2017
Length of Stay 2 nights
Room Type 8-bed dorm
Cost N/A

We stayed at this hostel as part of a tour with Moose Travel Network. Accommodation and dinner at Samesun Kelowna was included in the package we purchased.

Atmosphere: 8/10
It may have been due to the fact we’d come to Kelowna as part of a tour, but there was a lot of activity within the hostel. After dinner people would be sat around playing drinking games and beer pong. There were people reading, eating and just chatting in the communal area. There was also an outside courtyard with a BBQ and hot-tub which was great for bringing everyone together, despite the rain. The hostel also made weeknight recommendations for nights out in Kelowna, where to go and what you would get.

Samesun Dining Area

Cleanliness: 8/10
Upon arrival, we were given a fresh set of sheets for the beds and a towel. Bathrooms and shower stalls were kept very clean, as was the communal kitchen space. Fresh chemicals were put in the hot tub for maintenance, and it was drained to be cleaned further the next day.

Facilities: 8/10
Samesun Kelowna had a large kitchen and separate dining area, which was used as a communal area. There were a few tables, board games, cups for beer pong and TVs. Fairy lights hung outside in the backyard, which had tables, deck chairs, a BBQ and a hot tub.

Location: 8/10
Only a few minutes walk from Kelowna City Park and the waterfront of Lake Okanagan, Samesun Kelowna is also close to local shops and bars. Very easy to find your way around town.

Room: 8/10
We stayed in a large 8-bed dorm, that was filled with people from our tour. There was a locker for each of us, which safely stored valuables. Our room overlooked the backyard area and there was a tree nearby. The room was quiet, we heard no noise from the communal area below. Beds were comfy and offered a shelf, bedside lamp and charging ports. One small mirror located by the door and one shared the bin.

Samesun Room

Security: 8/10
We were each given one key for the room. A keyring was attached, with the name of the hostel. The front door had a 4-digit passcode put into effect at night, and changed daily.

Staff: 8/10
The staff kept to themselves but were friendly when we asked questions. We stayed 2 nights, so met quite a few different members of staff. One night, we asked if there were any spare solo cups to play beer pong, and the receptionist brought us some for free, without a moment’s hesitation. Dinner was also included in our tour packages, which was cooked by the Samesun team. Delicious and on time – thanks!

We really enjoyed our stay at Samesun Kelowna. There was a lot going on in the hostel and enjoyed the company of other guests. Staff were friendly and helpful, and the beds were super comfy. Would stay here again!


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