M Montreal

M Montreal 9/10

1245 Rue St-Andre
Montreal, Quebec

Date September 2017
Length of Stay 4 nights
Room Type 14-bed mixed dorms
Cost  $25 per night, each (taxes not included)

Easily one of the best hostel’s we have ever stayed in!

Atmosphere: 10/10

IMG_5125The hostel had such a friendly, lively atmosphere. The hostel offered different activities for every night of the week, such as comedy club, pub quiz, foosball/pool tournaments, live music and karaoke. The bar got pretty busy almost every night of the week, which may be due to their happy hour where house drinks dropped to $5 – the cheapest in town. All the hostel guests were very friendly and up for the arranged activities, adding to the excellent atmosphere.

1245 Rue Saint-André, Montréal - QC, Canada

Cleanliness: 8/10
Nothing stood out as dirty. The rooms, bathrooms, and communal areas we cleaned regularly by staff. We found a few dark hairs on the mattress when we took the sheets off, and on the blanket (thankfully it was too hot to use this anyway).

Facilities: 10/10
You didn’t really need to leave the hostel, there was enough to keep you entertained for most of the day. Upstairs you had a 2x kitchens, a courtyard, lounge area with free tea & coffee and a bar built into the reception area. In the basement, there was a larger bar with foosball table, pool table, a jukebox and a stage for bands to play. According to the staff, the building we stayed in (located at the back of M Montreal) was a newly renovated addition. The best part was the rooftop terrace which was split into an under 18 and 18+ area. Each half had it’s own 15 people swimming spa hot tub and an incredible view of the city. M Montreal was still completing renovations on a BBQ area and sauna (which may be ready for winter).


There was only 1 bathroom in our 14-bed dorm room, but the communal bathrooms were only a 30-second walk away, and there were plenty of showers, so you were never queuing up.

Location: 8/10
M Montréal was located just off the gay village high street, where you could find a range of restaurants, bars and shops. Only a 20-minute walk into Downtown Montréal or Notre Dame and about 45-minute walk to Mont-Royal.


Room: 8/10
We stayed in a 14-bed mixed dorm. The room (located in the new building) was spacious, with one bathroom/shower to share and air-conditioning. Bunk beds were modern, with curtains for privacy and spacious lockers underneath that could easily fit backpacks and suitcases. There were shelves, lights and plug sockets in each bunk.

Staff: 10/10
The Staff are one of the main reasons this hostel got such a good review from us. Two staff members that stood out:
– Clement, a Frenchman who had recently moved to Montréal, worked on the front desk, the bar, and was the morning tour guide of the city. He was very funny, informative, super friendly, happy to give advice and answer any questions we had.
– Nick, born and bred in Montréal. Worked on the bar most nights, hilarious guy who took the time to catch up with us on a daily basis whenever we’d bump into him around the hostel. Always up for a game of pool or a chat when the bar was quiet. Check out his band ‘Kolas Experiment‘.

Security: 9/10
I’m not sure if the front door was locked, but the reception area was right at the entrance and had people working there 24/7 so it felt very secure. Keycards were used to gain access into the dorm block and into the rooms themselves. There were two large lockers under each bunk bed in the dorm, big enough for 2x 60L backpacks. They require a padlock, which you were able to purchase from the front desk for $5. At one point, there were too many people assigned to our room, so the hostel blocked all key card access. We had to go to reception to gain access to the room again, which made us feel confident in their security system.

Overall: Easily the best hostel we stayed in during our trip through Quebec, would definitely recommend to anyone staying in Montréal! Thanks, M Montreal.

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