All Days Hostel

All Days Hostel – 7.1/10

5 Selby Street
Toronto, Ontario

Date September 2017
Length of Stay 1 night
Room Type Private room
Cost $70 (taxes not included)

Atmosphere: 5/10
The hostel had a ‘lounge’ area, where we waited to check in. It was basically a corridor with a few computers and a communal library. There were a couple of people sat around reading but no music playing, so you felt like you had to whisper, so as not to disturb the readers. No organised tours or events that we saw advertised, except a day trip to Niagara Falls (which was where we’d just come from). We didn’t speak to any other guest during our stay.

Cleanliness: 8/10
No issues with cleanliness. Communal areas weren’t spotless, but nothing stood out as being dirty or having a bad smell. The room was tidy, and sheets looked fresh. The communal bathroom was unremarkable, standard shower/bath (although anyone using a bath in a hostel must have a death wish), built-in hairdryer. No bugs or bites.

Facilities: 6/10
There wasn’t much to the place which is why it gets a lower score. Other than the communal area, there was no social areas for games or sports and no bar.

Location: 7/10
Located on a quiet street in downtown Toronto, All Days is a 45-minute walk to The Eaton Centre on Yonge Street. If you don’t fancy walking, the hostel is close to the TTC (Toronto Subway).


Room: 8/10
We stayed in a private double room, which offered a view of Selby Street. There were two twin beds, a desk, an armchair and television. There was an air conditioning unit, which was much needed in the September heat! The room did not have its own bathroom but was shared between our private room and another private room. We found all the other hostel guests ignored this and also used the private bathroom, so we were constantly waiting and found ourselves using the standard bathrooms and showers instead.


Security: 8/10
The front door to All Days had a keypad lock, and a 4-digit code was required to enter. We were informed that this code changes daily. Our room had a lock, to which we were given two keys. The key had a keyring, with the hostel name and our room number. Had we lost this key, it could have been too easily identifiable and someone else could have entered our room.

Staff: 8/10
We only met one member of staff during our stay. He was friendly and very helpful, offering useful information about the hostel, nearby attractions and walking directions to downtown. We did not see him, or any other member of staff after our arrival/check-in.

This was a basic hostel, but fine to stay in overnight. Good location in downtown Toronto. For the price, we would have preferred another hostel with more of an atmosphere.

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