“Yolanda, be cool”

Ally and I had gone to meet her Uncle Kurt, for a late breakfast in Orangeville. Angel’s Diner was exactly the way American diners look in the movies to us Brits: red booth seats, race flag flooring and neon lights. It could’ve been the set for the opening scene of Pulp Fiction for all I know. I half expected ‘Pumpkin’ and ‘Honey Bunny’ to suddenly jump on their tables and try to rob the place.

We left, full of pancakes, and slightly buzzed from the ‘hair of the dog’ Bloody Caesars. In the time we’d been in the diner, the parking lot had almost reached full capacity. We found our way back to the car and then realised that more and more cars were piling in, with stewards guiding them to spaces so it was going to be pretty difficult for us to get out.

It was my first time in North America, and it took a second to click that these weren’t normal cars. They were classic, American Muscle cars: Mustangs, GTOs, Camaros, Firebirds, Chargers, El Caminos, Corvettes, Chevelles. It was glorious.

We had stumbled across this car show by complete accident, and actually managed to go unnoticed in our not so classic Subaru Outback.

Throwback car show

We spent a few hours just walking around, perusing and talking to the owners. Serendipity at its finest!

As it turns out, these car shows are a regular occurrence all across Ontario. Ally has attended many growing up, even though her dad’s 1987 Ford Mustang LX wasn’t always old enough to be shown. There are websites dedicated to organising and providing information for finding the nearest car show, and what to expect there. They are free to attend, but car owners pay a vehicle admission to show their classics. Sometimes, they are even judged and awards are given.

If you’re in Ontario and wanting to see some classic cars, know that even the snow does not stop Canadians. You can find information on upcoming 2017 shows here.


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