It’s 5 O’clock somewhere.

Is it acceptable to drink before midday? I mean, it was the weekend, so we’ll let it slide…

We started our Saturday morning at Di Profio Winery in Jordan, Ontario. Wine tasting can be enjoyed all year long, but the harvest season is typically September to October in Niagara. This means the wineries get pretty busy at the beginning of November as the season finishes. The wineries then prepare for Ice Wine season, where the temperature needs to be -10ºc for 3 consecutive days.  They then take one drop from each grape, making the flavour concentrated and super sweet. It’s served as more of a desert wine, in smaller glasses (although it benefits from a regular white wine glass), between 10 and 12ºc.

We were greeted and seated by our friend, Nikki, who is the manager of the winery. The chef brought out a board for two with some tapas to pair with the wines we would try.

  1. 2013 Unoaked Chardonnay – paired with the Deep Fried Calamari and mustard mayonnaise. The lemon from the Calamari really enhanced the crisp citrusy flavour of the wine.
  2. 2015 The Kitchen Zinc – a name derived from the many combinations of wines in the bottle (everything but the kitchen sink). Paired with bocconcini salad, the tart tomatoes created a pleasant contrast to the sweet, melon of the zinc.
  3. 2012 Pinot Noir – paired with a rustic chorizo flatbread. Smoky and earthy, complimenting the spice from the chorizo.


We also stopped in at 13th Street Winery on our way home, which we visited in our last winery trip.

It was pretty busy so we tried a few tasters at the bar, and then sat outside by the fire with a glass of NV Cuvée rosé. And of course we had to stop at their bakery, for pecan, maple and bacon tarts. A ‘must have’, after a long morning drinking wine.



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