Downtown Burger

Downtown Burger – €€ – 3/10
Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner
Nieuwmarkt 26, 1012 CS

After having a great experience at De Bekeerde Suster the night before, we decided to head back to the same strip as there were quite a few restaurants we liked the look of and wanted to try out. Most of the restaurants were pretty busy, we saw Downtown Burger was cheap, but it was certainly lacking cheerful service.

We asked for a table for 3, and the waitress actually asked a couple to move so that she could use their table with another to make a bigger table for us, this was good for us but obviously not for the couple who were halfway through their drinks.

We ordered the ribs again as they were so good the night before, but were disappointed with the cheap tasting flavour and chewy meat. The menu was aimed at dutch speaking customers and didn’t make it clear that fries/salad were extra. The unwelcoming waitress also failed to mention this when up-selling fries with the order. Once the food was served, the waitress asked if we wanted any sauces and brought out sachets of mayo and ketchup, again not advising us of an additional cost of 20c a sachet. We were disappointed to receive the bill with the extra cost of fries with the main, an extra charge of 2€ for the 10 sachets of sauce (although only 3 were used) and an automatic tip of 15%.

By this point I was pretty pissed off because of the terrible service, so made a complaint with the manager and asked for the tip to be removed as it was certainly not deserved. He refused to remove the tip.

Avoid coming here, plenty of other good restaurants in the area, only reason this gets a 3/10 is because the food was satisfactory. Didn’t even bother taking a photo.

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