Travel Can Be Very Bittersweet

There is so much excitement around the thought of travel, which of course, will be filled with adventures and experiences that both push and test your limits. Testing out your backpack and panicking because all those clothes surely won’t be enough to last an entire year on the road. Getting to the airport, sitting on the plane and trying to sleep through the flight so you feel like you get there faster. Surviving customs and getting lost on the way to your destination. Making friends with other travellers and locals, hoping one day to meet up again. Seeing that sunrise that takes your breath away. When you’re backpacking, your options are limitless (so long as your bank account can handle it).

But sometimes, it can be hard to leave the life you’ve built at home. Quitting an awesome job that could have led to a career. Boxing up all the belongings in your flat, knowing someone else will soon be calling it home and making it their own. Giving away your pet (on loan) and not being able to explain to it that you’re coming back one day. Not knowing when you’ll be in that familiar environment again, the one you’ve grown comfortable and attached to. Saying goodbye to family and friends…that last hug with your parents.

Over the past four years, I feel like I’ve been constantly saying goodbye, and my heart was torn between two worlds.

Travelling does not always mean goodbye, though. Over time, I have learned that it’s like putting a bookmark in a chapter of your life and getting ready for a change. Now, I’ve bought a blank diary where I make all the rules for a fresh start, and do whatever my heart desires. It’s safe to say, that despite allย the nerves and potential downsides of travelling on a one-way ticket (with no foreseeable plans of coming home), I’m ready for the next chapter to begin!

– Ally


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